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Android Apps

AnAndroid App is a software application made to be run on the Android platform which exists solely for use in the mobile devices like smartphones and tablet PCs, running on the Android OS. Android Apps have a huge audience spread all over the world. Therefore, they are the best option for you to reach your set of customers in the audience. Android applications are free and built on Linux using JAVA programming language. Some advantages for having an android App for your enterprise are:

  • Multitasking: We all enjoy the multi-tasking ability of the android Market, where one gets to listen to music while at the same time doing some other tasks like surfing the internet or browsing Facebook. Plus, “accessible anywhere” can be considered their mantra for success.
  • Open Source: The advantage of having an open source for licensing, royalty-free and the best technology framework offered by the Android community is one of its greatest advantages.

  • Want to create an application on the most populated software platform, exclusively for your business enterprise? Worry not! Dynamic Pixel is waiting to create an Android App just the way you need it!


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