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Custom Learning Courses

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Custom Learning Courses

In this era of e-Learning, everyone prefers courses that are tailored to meet their needs. “Everyone” includes individuals or organisations like colleges, schools, business firms, etc. on a global level. Likewise, we, at Dynamic Pixel, provide courses, solutions and products that are customized according to your convenience and request. Specific requirements are met according to and for the client. For example, an automobile production firm made a customized e-learning course for its employees. The same course can be used by designers, engineers and accountants as per their requirement.
Custom eLearning has been leading the corporate training delivery. It might seem that pre-built eLearning courses are cost-effective as compared to the customised ones, but many of the big and small companies are relying on customised courses. It is because they would not want to have boundaries in their learner engagement and training expectations, which is the case in most pre-built courses. Dynamic Pixel Multimedia Solutions is the answer to tailor-made eLearning solutions.
The benefits of the widespread custom courses are:
• As said earlier, they are tailored to your needs. Thus you get to add certain things that are not available in ordinary e-Learning courses. It is also easier for you to avoid certain things that you already know or that you do not want.
• It focuses on each individual specifically.
• It is much more reliable than the ordinary e-Learning courses.

How can custom e-learning benefit the organisation?

Our custom e-learning content development services are affordable in today’s times when training cost is a matter of concern. Investing in customised courses leads to improved learner engagement and knowledge retention, which ultimately leads to increased ROIs. As compared to traditional training, the custom e-learning helps in cutting the overall cost of training incurred on travel, infrastructure, and other aspects.
Saves Time:
The e-learning programs save time as they can be viewed on the smartphone and tablets of the trainees. The easy access and quick to understand content enable the learners to seek training anytime and anywhere.
Your existing training content can be used for offering unique custom e-learning experience. It is a flexible approach to offering online courses within the traditional classroom environment. We can help the organisations in easily updating the training modules on the basis of changing learning needs and preferences of the targeted audience.
The e-learning program analyses key performance indicators for measuring the overall effectiveness of the custom training program for your organisation. It collates information upon completion of the course, engagement, and assessment scores in the form of reports.
For corporate learning, active participation from the workforce is a must. Gamification can help in achieving this by applying elements like badges, points, and scores for driving learner engagement and knowledge retention. Also, certificates offer a sense of achievement among employees and motivate them to learn and perform better.
Instant Feedback:
The quizzes are incorporated with online courses for getting immediate feedback. This helps the learners in working on areas that need improvement as well as evaluate their progress. It also enhances their knowledge competency. Organisations with different departments and locations across cities or countries can connect every employee via a centralised training platform.

Improve Employee Performance and Engagement

With custom eLearning solutions, you will be aligning employee training with the company’s vision and brand. They will understand the company better, which will have a significant positive impact on the performance and engagement level of the employees. It may cost more than the readymade courses, but it will reduce the Vis-a-Vis licence cost that will be incurred on the off-the-shelf courses.
Custom learning development will help you in making updates easily whenever there are changes in the business goals. Our varied learning design approaches, such as scenario-based and storytelling, will ensure that learning is fun and engaging.
Our team of experts will be working very closely with your company to understand and implement the course development cycle. It is meant to deliver high-quality courses that are on par with your business goals.
Having Dynamic Pixel Multimedia Solutions will give you high-quality courses that are designed and developed without much hassle. Our process has two distinct features –
• Productivity enhancement by aligning the courses with business goals – After understanding the training requirements, timelines, and budget, our team will suggest learning strategies based on methodologies of media creation, graphic design, and instructional design.
• Robust process – Our robust process at Dynamic Pixel Multimedia Solutions aims to ensure that the product gets launched at a particular timeline while meeting all the quality standards adequately.
Dynamic Pixel Multimedia Solutions has taken e-learning to a whole new level by creating multi-use customized e-learning courses. Our programmers and instructional designers plan and implement the course as per the client’s requirement. We hear what client says, we understand what the clients demands. And that is what the client gets. That’s why our clients are always satisfied and happy. And we are happy to serve.