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"If there is any solution possible, we have it. If not, we will discover it."

Dynamic Pixel Multimedia Solutions specialize in the innovative use of technology. Our main focus is on cost-effective and high-quality custom E-learning content development. We believe that ultimate purpose of every human life is to learn and transfer that knowledge to others. That’s how we reached from Stone Age to era of Artificial Intelligence.

We offer comprehensive E-Learning courses and assessments that enable individuals and enterprise organisations to provide effective training. Our E-Learning courses possess quality content, interactive simulations, graphics and quizzes, making learning interesting and effective.

Dynamic Pixel Multimedia Solutions is one of the top e-learning companies in India with high experience. We help you in developing high-quality, context-relevant, and highly engaging e-learning content with the best Learning Management System platform in the market. As an e-learning company, we are also passionate about developing effective eLearning solutions that focus on improving the skills and performance of learners.

Dynamic Pixel Multimedia Solutions is one of those e-learning service providers that offers a diverse range of services with comprehensive courses to take the learning as well as development to the next level. We create eLearning content to make learning fun and purposeful with increased knowledge retention. Our e-learning course development is customized as per the client's requirements. Our Designers use interactive elements like animations, stories, gamification, and learning content for keeping the learners engaged and involved. Moreover, to identify the most appropriate learning solutions we work closely with our clients aligned to their specific goals, timelines as well as budget.

Being one of the reputed e-learning companies in Delhi, we are known for customizing Moodle as per the branding of our clients. This is a widely used Learning Management System. We are certified Moodle Reseller and provide best technical support for the same. We host in your custom domain, Google Cloud, or AWS. In addition to this, Dynamic Pixel Multimedia Solutions mainly promote Moodle's Branded Mobile App as well as Moodle Workplace.

We also provide different animated videos as per the needs of our valuable clients for areas like education, advertisements, and others. Animated videos helps in engaging the learners and enhance their performance and productivity too. In addition to this, we make all types of animated videos that includes White board Animation, Screencast, 2D Character Animation, Info-graphic based Object Animation, Explainer, etc.

At present, K-12 education in India is gaining a huge popularity. So, Dynamic Pixel Multimedia Solutions is one of the top elearning companies in Noida that offer the services of developing k12 content. We create k12 content from pre-primary to higher grades for all subjects. The content mainly includes animated videos, simulations, tutorials, and learning games videos. Furthermore, our experts create the content by focusing on target audience and their age so that they can understand the concept efficiently.

The interactive and dynamic nature of our e-learning solutions brings a true digital learning experience making a lasting impression. Our expert designers are highly proficient to bring your present training content to life with innovative eLearning templates, interactivities, and video content.

We have a vast experience in designing a plethora of e-Learning solutions such as e-content development, K12 content, and many more. Also, being one of the trustworthy e learning service providers, Dynamic Pixel Multimedia Solutions is committed to offer you best custom eLearning solutions that are aligned to meet your business goals.

Apart from this, as top e-learning companies in India, we have delivered our eLearning services to various industry verticals. We develop interactive, engaging, graphically rich solutions matching their exclusive requirements.
Services We Provide

Dynamic Pixel has the attitude of taking ownership of work which allows the Client's to feel relax towards the projects that were given to us. This kind of attitude help us a lot in gaining the confidence which assures that the Client will give the projects repeatedly.

Our e-learning development is highly customized, interactive and simple to use. Our E-learning Development experts create e-Learning courses as per the needs of the client. We create content making use of suitable e-learning technology. With the attitude of an explorer, Dynamic Pixel Multimedia Solutions successfully achieved expertise in almost all the domains of e-learning.

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We customize Moodle (Most widely used LMS) as per your branding, We host it on AWS / Google Cloud / on your custom domain. We provide technical support for LMS(Moodle). We are certified Moodle Reseller. We promote Moodle's Branded Mobile App and Moodle Workplace mainly.

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Animated Videos are used extensively in different areas such as education, marketing, advertisements, etc. Animated videos are a rich, cost-effective, easily manageable, engaging and interesting medium with the help of which you can make your content pop out. We are proficient in creating all kinds of animated videos be it - Screencast, Explainer, White board Animation, 2D Character Animation, Info-graphic based Object Animation or any other form.

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We have developed 5000+ Hours of Animated & Interactive K-12 Content from pre-primary to higher grades for almost all kind of subjects. We understand that a learning experience a student receives during the school years has a profound impact on their future. Dynamic Pixel develops customised K-12 multimedia content for clients where we specially consider the target audience, their age and their surrounding and use pedagogy accordingly and transform ordinary lessons into a fun and engaging learning experience with gaming elements.

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Our Varied Experience
Saurabh Agarwal

Thanks for the support which you and your team extended to us for the CBT project. Appreciate the efforts which your team had put in to help us achieve the delivery milestones.
Overall it was a good collaboration between us and I hope we work again in the future. My best wishes to Dynamic Pixel and everyone in the team.

Craig Hansen

Dynamic Pixel has contributed to 3Di and its growth by creating training videos based on our innovative curriculum. We found the response time and communication to be excellent. The team was talented and quickly adapted to the ever changing demands of our software.

It was a pleasant experience working with the talented and hardworking team of Dynamic Pixel, the animation film rendered by Dynamic turned out to be much better than expected, the creatives, the voice over, the scripting, everything was top notch.

Client's Voice

Team with tallented people. ... I have awarded them multiple projects and they hve executed them very professionaly.

Frequently Asked Questions
What is E-Learning?
Fundamentally, any learning using an electronic medium is E-Learning. It could be through blogs, PDF, PPT, e-books, podcasts, videos (even on YouTube and other similar platforms), infographics, games, simulations, etc.
Effective e-learning would be a package combining audios, videos, infographics, user interactions, downloadable resources and quizzes to check the user understanding.
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Why is E-Learning important?
To understand the importance of e-learning, we should first understand why learning is important.
When we were born, we already knew few things like – crying, smiling, laughing, breathing, smelling, how to show anger, etc. You get the context, right!!
Rest everything, we learn.
Learning helps in the acquisition of knowledge and development of necessary skills. It also enables us to create and communicate new ideas.
So, that is why learning is so important.
Now, in today’s dynamic world where we have almost all the information in electronic form in our hands (through phone), we need to have learning also accessible through electronic means and this is where e-learning comes into play. Hence, e-learning has become very important in today’s era.
How E-Learning Content makes the difference?
E-Learning saves cost in long run. Initially, it may cost more time, effort, money but the resources created for e-learning can be stored digitally and can be reused.
Also, users can access the E-Learning content anytime and anywhere as per their need which is a very big factor.
Why should an organisation shift from Traditional Learning to E-Learning?
Unlike the traditional learning, e-learning allows the learners to learn at their own comfort and as per their requirements.
Through E-learning, you can save time, effort and money as compared to traditional learning. The transportation cost is reduced and the resources created for e-learning can be stored digitally and can be reused.
E-learning allows learners to access the updated content anywhere and anytime.
There is no need of papers in e-learning unlike traditional learning as it is provided online.
How can Dynamic Pixel help in E-Learning Content Development?
Dynamic Pixel Multimedia Solutions offers 360˚ Solutions for comprehensive E-Learning courses and assessments that enable individuals, learning institutions and enterprise organizations to provide effective training. Our e-learning courses possess quality content, interactive simulations, graphics and quizzes, making learning interesting and effective. Our interactive e-Learning content allows users to take courses anytime, anywhere.
What are the components of E-Learning?
Effective e-learning would be a package combining audios, videos, info graphics, user interactions, downloadable resources, glossary and quizzes to check the user’s understanding.
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What is the process of E-Learning Content Development?
Different organisations can have different content development processes. Dynamic Pixel follows the following:
Step 1: Create Content Outline – Finalise content outline to freeze what needs to be covered in the Course.
Step 2: Storyboard – Develop a Storyboard that would have a Voice-Over script, On-Screen-Text and Instructions for graphic designers and developers.
Step 3: Mock-ups – Create and share all the slides in static form with the client. This gives the idea to the client that how the end product/e-learning course would look like.
Step 4: VO Recording – In parallel with Mock-ups, we get the voice recorded as per the finalised storyboard.
Step 5: Multimedia Development + Compilation – Now, basis on the final storyboard, recorded voice-over and final mock-ups we develop required videos, infographics, interactive screens, user interface, question slides, etc and compile all the components to make the interactive e-learning course.
Step 6: Quality Check – Then the last step is Quality Check from all possible aspects including the End User perspective. If there are any issues or bugs, we rectify and finally deliver the e-learning course.
We follow Agile Approach where we share the components with the clients and get the feedback and approval at multiple stages so that the product that would be developed would be in-sync with client’s expectations.
What is LMS (Learning Management system)?
LMS or Learning Management System is an application or software in which all the e-learning content is stored and users can login to access content from there. It also helps in tracking users’ activities and their performance. This is the fundamental definition of LMS, however different LMS(s) could have different add-on features.
What is the need of LMS?
LMS is important to track users’activities, retention towards E-Learning content and also the understanding of the content.
What is e-learning content development?
The process of developing relevant course content is known as e-learning content development. The e-learning content created should fulfil the learning objectives.
While crafting the relevant course material experts need to ensure that it makes the learning effective and engaging.
What is the purpose of e-learning content?
We know that change is the only constant. And to keep up with the changes, one has to learn.
Earlier we used to do it in traditional classrooms settings. But now, with the advancement of technology, more and more people prefer to study and learn online anywhere and anytime.
Now, what purpose the e-learning content serves depends on the need – which could be for training a team of employees or educating college students.
What are custom eLearning services?
Every business is unique, and so will be their needs. If an employer wants to enhance business performance, employee training would be a way to go.
Because training will not be the same across all departments and organisations, they need to be customised to fit the specific learning goals. What’s best about custom e-learning is that it can be personalised to suit all learning styles.
Typically, experts are hired to do the job. This is what we mean by custom e-learning services.
What are the types of Custom eLearning?
Various types of e-learning fall under the category of custom eLearning. What’s best about custom e-learning is that it can be personalised to suit all learning styles.
Let’s discuss few.
Studies indicate that games make learning fun, and learners find it easier to retain information. Thus, gamificationisa common method of custom e-learning.
Mobile learning is another type of custom e-learning. It is a way to access learning content via mobile devices.
The demand of Scenario based learning is also growing rapidly as it makes use of active scenario to support active learning.
Video-based training works well for visual learners, instructors take video classes to make learning more interactive.
What are the benefits of e-learning?
E-learning has many upsides over traditional forms of learning.Let’s discuss some of them.
E-learning courses can be easily customised into self-paced courses, training events, and other blended learning programs.
E-learning saves time, effort and money.
E-learning leads to better retention.
Online learning does not require any printing so carbon footprint is reduced.
Standardized training is provided to each learner.
It eliminates manual grunt work through automation and makes learning fun and affordable for all.
In addition, it also allows learners to track training activity, results, and progress.
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What are the features of E-learning content?
Interactive e-learning courses will often combine text, images, videos, graphics, animations, and even electronic simulations to make learning fun, engaging, and effective for all learners.
For increasing interactivity, quizzes are also part of the e-learning content. And in case learners need to refer to additional information, links to online resources will be included in the course.
How to Choose the Right Custom eLearning Content Development Company?
Start by looking at companies that specialise in e-learning content development. Go through their website and learn about their experience of working with different industries. If you like what you see, ask for samples of their work and see if it matches your expectations.
Before shortlisting any company, ensure that they have a well-defined development process with a strong background in instructional design. If they have excellent reviews from former clients, they may be the right guys.
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What is E-content education?
As the name suggests, e-content education is when electronic media is used to create content for the purpose of educating participants. With the growing popularity of electronic devices, e-content education has become incredibly popular because it offers an element of flexibility to learners in terms of time, place, and pace of learning. Nowadays, it’s easy to find e-content in many subjects and all levels of education.
What is educational content development?
In order to make learning effective, many aspects need to be taken into consideration. Right from the beginning till the end, courses follow a steady structure to maintain a flow of learning.
Experts typically analyse the goals of developing the material and learners' needs and choose modes of delivery while creating, evaluating, and refining the content. The process is rather complicated and is what we call educational content development.
What is the benefit of using online learning or e-learning software?
E-learning softwares enable learners to access a wide range of course materials and choose their preferred mode to communicate with instructors (which could be live chats, emails, or phone calls).
Compared to traditional learning methods, online learning is affordable, flexible with respect to learning schedule and learning environment – all while boosting career opportunities for learners.
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What are the advantages of e-learning vs. instructor-led training?
While instructor-led training has its perks, they do not surpass the superiority of e-learning. Companies get to save money that’s spent on travel costs of trainees and instructors. Because it offers an element of flexibility, trainees can take the course when and where they want without compromising the learning efficacy. It takes less time than instructor-led training. Also, while learning online, learners can pause, reread, or test out of content.
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