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E-Learning for Automobile

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E-Learning for Automobile Sector

The automobile sector is one of the biggest and fastest growing industry in the world. Here, employee training is a serious concern. Most companies want to train their employees so that they can improve their productivity and win the battle with competitors. E-learning has emerged as an answer to their training needs.

Challenges faced by traditional training methods:
  • Wide geographic dispersion of employees. Employees are spread over widely divergent geographic locations due to the location of various factories. Arranging a common platform for training is difficult.
  • Training content is divergent. Some of it requires practical training on the shop floor, which is a resource and time-consuming process. The industry concentrates on technical training and ignores personal development and business skill of employees.
  • There is a wide variety of employees according to mental level or profession. Employees begin from minimally educated technicians to champion engineers, resulting in difficulty in creating a fit-for-all training package.
  • The automobile industry is very competitive. Workers exhibit high attrition, so the pressure for training is very high.
  • The automobile sector also lacks trainers of good quality, especially those having skills of pedagogy.
  • The sector also features difficulty in persuading blue collared employees, the value of training and learning and its influence on their jobs.
  • Solutions Provided By E-Learning:
  • It reduces the cost, time, and resources necessary to train staff located at various geographical locations. The e-learning content of training can be accessed by employees, no matter where they are located.
  • With e-learning, both technical and non-technical courses can be created for employees of the automobile industry.
  • Separate training content for all types of employees from technicians to engineers can be developed.
  • All employees can learn from a talented pool of subject experts and trainers.
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